To be a world class organization
One of the most critical issues within the dyeing industry is the metamerism effect. We use the MACBETH computerized color system together with our years of experience to maintain a minimal degree of metamerism in our products. We also use automatic dosing machines to prepare dye-stuffs, so as to ensure the accuracy of our dyeing recipes.

Our production facilities include the Continuous Type, Spray Type, W Type, Y Type and Vertical Yarn-dyeing machines. Some of our dyeing machinery could handle up to 2000 LBs of tapes/cords. This effectively reduces the possibility of the dye-lot problem in large quantity dyeing.
The weaving production line consists of manufacturing cotton herringbone twill tapes, knitted tapes, cotton/polyester webbings, elastic webbings, laces, jacquard tapes, cotton/polyester drawcords, bungee cords, rayon grosgrain tapes, single/double face velvet tapes, elastic velvet tapes, ribbons and labels.

Our integrated production line is also comprised of our own yarn warping machinery and a massive warp sizing machine to perform pre-production activities. Thus the entire production process could be monitored in-house to ensure quality and production lead time.
We also produce screen printed items and heat-transfer printed items. Our facilities include multi-color screen printing machines, heat-transfer printing machines and the film processing darkroom. Some key products are printed tapes/cords, printed labels, multi color tip-ends (such as shoelace tips) and so forth.
In order to meet the wide range of needs in trim accessory, we also have production lines in handling: belt assembly, tip-end production, sewing, laser cutting and embroidery production.
Sampling Express
Our Sampling Express Department is a well equipped quarter with various types of weaving machinery to handle our clients’ sampling needs. At the heart of such department is to fulfill our customers’ sampling requirements; producing rapidly without compromising quality.
Research & Development
Our Research and Development Department keeps track of the latest fashion trends in order to design up to date and innovative products within the garments industry. It also hosts meetings with garment manufacturers and apparel brand designers in developing new designs and technical advancements for garment accessories. Furthermore, our R&D Dept works on improving the machinery used in trim making; aiming to further promote the quality of trims and its efficiency in bulk production.