To be a world class organization
        Act Now To Help Those In Need

Wilson Group has been devoted in charity works since the beginning. We firmly believe that any contribution to the society enables a better future step by step.

Ever since its inception, WILSON has always been committed to social responsibility projects, and actively participate in various charitable activities.

        To help, to love & to serve

WILSON GROUP values fulfilling our social responsibility. We have been actively participating in various charitable activities, including caring for the underprivileged, volunteer programs and charitable donations. We sincerely strive to serve our community.

        Support the Sowers Action

Wilson Group has been supporting the Sowers Action for many years, and we will also continue to actively take part in social charity activities.

Step by step, let's work towards a better future together!

        Poverty Relief for Xin Lian Village

On Jan 12, 2022, our general manager of Wayland Weaving (Guangzhou) Ltd., had participated in a charity event organized by the Huashan Town Government. We had visited and provided aid to those in need at Xin Lian Village, Guangdong.

We shall strive to support our community.

        Let’s Spread Love & Care

"Knowledge changes destiny. Love nurtures the future."

Wayland Weaving (Guangzhou) Ltd. takes pride to achieve “Caring Enterprise” by Fengliang Town Committee & Fengliang Town People's Government

Wilson Group will continue to support the public welfare of education and keep spreading our love & care.

        Let’s Fight COVID-19 together

Wayland Weaving (Guangzhou) Ltd takes pride to achieve the “Outstanding Contribution in Fighting COVID-19” Award by the People's Government of Guangzhou City and the Huashan Chamber of Commerce in Huadu District, Guangzhou City. Let’s all work hand in hand to conquer the pandemic!

        Poverty alleviation with action, spread hope with love

On August 26th, 2020, the director of Wilson Industrial (Jiangxi) Ltd. had visited some students in need at Xi Che village and Shang Tang village of Tie Shi Kou town (Xinfeng, Jiangxi) again, and provided financial support to each student on behalf of Wilson Group.

Since 2017, Wilson Group has been actively participating in the “A Hundred Enterprises Supports A Hundred Villages” charity campaign as organized by the officials of Xinfeng County. We sincerely hope that we can help more students in need with our love and our hearts, lighting a lamp of hope for them.

        Care For The Elderly Campaign at Tieshan Village

On October 27th, 2019, the Care For The Elderly Campaign at Tieshan Village was conducted by the Tieshan Village’s Committee. Wayland Weaving (GZ) Ltd. as a member of Wilson Group had attended and sponsored the event.

We sincerely hope our efforts would bring joy to the respectful senior citizens.

        Poverty Relief Campaign at Fengliang Town

Along with the fellow members of the Huashan (Guangzhou) Chamber of Commerce, we have jointly held the Poverty Relief Campaign at Fengliang Town on September 25, 2019.

Our Factory Manager had visited underprivileged households at Shuangxi village and Fuxing village, Fengliang Town, Fengshun County, Meizhou City. Financial support was also provided so as to aid their daily basic needs.

Wilson Group strives to support charitable activities, we sincerely hope for a bright future to these families in need.

       Assistance to students in need at Shang Tang Village (Xinfeng, Jiangxi)

On August 1st, 2019 , the director of Wilson Industrial (Jiangxi) Ltd., had visited six students in need at Shang Tang village of Tie Shi Kou town (Xinfeng, Jiangxi), and provided financial support to each student on behalf of Wilson Group. Through care and sharing with these students, we sincerely hope positive change could be brought.

This is the second time that Wilson Group had carried out financial assistance activities in the Shang Tang village of Tie Shi Kou town. We will continue to take an active role in the “A Hundred Enterprises Supports A Hundred Villages” charity campaign as organized by the officials of Xinfeng County.

        Wilson Supports Hope Primary School

The HongKong Sowers Action Organization has joined hands with Wilson Group in donating for the construction of two Hope Primary Schools in Jiangxi Province. These two schools are respectively located in Chongxian town, Xinfeng county and Huanglin town,Yudu county.

The opening ceremonieswere successfully held in April, 2019.

          Wilson Group - Poverty Alleviation for Xi Che Village

On the Morning of July 7, 2017, the general manager of Wilson Industrial (Jiangxi) Ltd., was accompanied by the leaders of Xin Feng County, the County Political Consultative Conference, the County Government office, the County Poverty Alleviation Office, the Industrial Park Management Committee, the mayor of Tie Shi Kou town and the village heads of Xi Che village, carried out a thorough investigation into the village of Tie Shi Kou town, and implement the poverty alleviation according the actual situation of "provincial poor village" - Xi Che village.

In the Mid Autumn Festival of 2017, Wilson Group sent moon cakes and electric fans as gifts to 79 poor households. And during the Chinese new year of 2018, also sent rice and cooking oil too. Besides, Wilson Group also invested to build a standard basketball court for the Xi Che village.

Wilson Group always adheres to the ideas of charity and insists on fulfilling the social responsibility, especially on the educational aspects. Took no hesitation on supporting the school of Xinfeng Industrial Park campus refurbishment, and helping students of poor family. In the future, Wilson Group will be continuing to contribute on this aspect.